About Forteman®

Control Ejaculation

Control Ejaculation

Fast absorption through penile skin where the EPIPHASIC® Technology delivers a proprietary lidocaine formulation for absorption deep to the penile skin desensitizing nerves of the penis that control ejaculation for a longer lasting effect.

Unlike other topicals which only sit on the skin or require long waiting times to work, what makes Forteman® different is lasting premature ejaculation control. Read the reviews and give it a try.

  • Forteman® dosage can be adjusted for individual control
  • Forteman® can be used as needed (on demand) unlike oral medicines
  • Forteman® is patent-pending, rich in antioxidants and without harsh irritating chemicals(alcohols, thymols, fragrances, etc) and does not contain thymol or prilocaine – great for penile sensitive skin
  • Forteman® does not require a prescription

Metered dose spray allows you to consistently manage the amount of Forteman® right for your desired level of sensitivity. (Best dosage discovered after a few applications.)

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